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Linwood Series

Living Areas range from

176.43sqm (18.9sqs)


276.69sqm (29.78sqs)


   The Linwood ....... from a bygone Era, you might say, where workmanship was measured by the amount of detail, where rooms were defined by their function, where detailed features such as high ceilings and ornate plaster archways welcomed you to the next another fine example of the B&H Homes design philosophy. Beauty, elegance, style, and practicality all combine to make this classic home. This home represents Architecture that is beautifully symmetrical, reflecting quality planning, and typifies a wonderful Australian Country Property.



The Linwood is available in a range of sizes to suit all family situations as well as rural applications. For your own individually designed Linwood please contact us or visit our Alkira Display home.

Killara Views display centre...  

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