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The philosophy behind every B&H Home is to create an identity within all styles of Australian Architecture rather than to recreate a certain era. The finished home should be individual, discerning, and highly identifiable, thereby ensuring maximum comfort levels for the occupants, and high resale values.

Internally, the design should be a balance between light, space and practical living. Energy efficient principles should be employed wherever possible. Room designs should be defined by their surroundings, to be welcoming and inviting, yet create an inquisitiveness for the visitor, or a mood set for the occupants where all is not revealed at one glance, but create a curiosity for what lies beyond.


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Included in the Platinum Specification is a detailed Landscape Design Plan. Our very talented, in-house Landscape Designer Andrew Ward, will hold your hand through the process. A landscaper in a previous life, designing outdoor rooms and gardens is Andrew’s passion.

The Landscape Design Plan is done in partnership with you. During an onsite meeting, a design brief is fashioned where your visions are recorded & explored & creative juices flow. Your design criteria & lifestyle needs are used to formulate the design – considering views, future swimming pools, privacy, entertaining areas, children play space and all else in between. 

The design brief comes to life on a scaled full colour CAD plan that details the landscaped area complete with product description & listing of all plant names.  To help visualize your future creation a 3D CAD render is provided for your inspiration.

This not only provides you a plan & vision, but the greatest advantage of time in organization. Landscapers can provide solid quotes for the whole of your garden or part thereof. If you’re completing the project yourself - time to start shopping around to work on a section at a time.

The B&H Landscape design package seamlessly integrates into the building process to best prepare you for the next stage & make the transition to new home owner as smooth as possible.

Next time you’re at our display centre- checkout our booklet showcasing some of our landscape designs!


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